When is it Suitable to Put Your Money to Work

This week, in our 7th blog during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis, we will be going back to basics, and providing helpful insights and resources for those new, or less familiar, with wealth management or business investments. Whether you are a first-time investor, or you are sitting on a pot of cash and worrying about your financial legacy, these insights will help you make a decision as to whether now is a suitable time for you to start putting this money to work. 

We would always advocate you speaking to a financial professional, whether they be a wealth manager or financial adviser. Should you decide that now is the time to start investing, or indeed that you wish to speak to a wealth manager about your options, The Wealth Consultant is here to put you in touch with the right wealth manager to meet your needs.

In this blog entry, we uncover our professional guidance on topics, such as:

  • how to gain financial insights
  • how does the current financial landscape look like
  • what are market stabilisation and equity
  • long investment tips

Financial insights informative webinars

Cazenove Capital is holding a series of one-hour informative webinars. Aimed at 16-20-year-olds, they hope to provide the participants with an insight into the world of finance. Topics will include an insight into the current pandemic and how it affects the finical markets, as well as an introduction to wealth management. Watch or Register here

For the benefit of those new to our blog, The Wealth Consultant is a free to use digital wealth platform helping clients to achieve financial peace of mind, a tall order in the current environment. However, it is at unprecedented times like these, and as some may argue not seen since WW2, that we must keep our head, or risk losing our mind; we must “Keep Calm and Carry On”, in so far as that is possible.

The current financial landscape

It may seem mad to invest for the first time when stock markets are volatile. However, according to Brewin Dolphin, current market conditions may appeal to potential investors with spare cash and a long-term horizon. Of course, no-one can say with certainty which way the markets will move next, and there are no guarantees of returns. Yet history shows that markets recover over time, sometimes sharply, and investors profit from any upswing. Brewin Dolphin considers “Five tips for first-time investors”. Read here

Market stabilisation and equity

Smith & Williamson have published a worthwhile insight having made a qualitative assessment of the 7 conditions they believe are necessary to stabilise equity markets. In short, they believe that 5 of these 7 conditions may be being met, versus only 3 on 25th March. On balance, the data is improving, which allows them to remain constructive on equities on a 12-month view, although risks remain. Read here

Longterm investments

A common mantra in investing circles, and something we have highlighted before, is ‘it’s about time in the markets, not timing the markets’. In other words, the best way to make money is to stay invested for many years, rather than worrying about whether now is the best time to invest. Bestinvest makes ‘the case for staying invested over the long term’. Read here

Everyone has different motivations and priorities in life, all of which will have a bearing on their financial decisions. In a world where there is a tendency for the wealth management industry to focus on financial and technical facts, LGT Vestra believes that understanding their clients’ non-financial values, thoughts and concerns is equally important.

Time for economic change

To gain this understanding, a wider and deeper range of questions need to be posed than is often the case. LGT Vestra’s partnership with The School of Life has led to the creation of ‘A Portfolio of Thoughts’, a series of philosophical essays which explore 12 important life areas, appropriately for these times, they start with ‘Change’. Read here

The Wealth Consultant is here to help you assess your current situation, to hold your hand through these testing times, and to give you peace of mind. If needs be, and at the appropriate time, we can introduce you to alternative advisers/managers who may be better placed to serve your needs, free of charge.

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