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Empowering you to take control of your financial wellbeing

Providing intelligent, engaging and thought provoking content and introducing you to the appropriate wealth manager, in a clear and transparent way, enables you to have the right conversation with the right people. The Wealth Consultant’s truly transparent and individual process affords you peace of mind that we will find the right wealth manager for your individual circumstances, whatever they are. With The Wealth Consultant’s professional guidance, you will be empowered to navigate your financial decision making process and take ownership of your financial future.

Digital introduction
An online introduction to three wealth managers, matching your requirements, free of charge.
Personal Introduction
A face-to-face consultation with Alex, followed by a personal introduction to three hand selected wealth managers matching your requirements.
Facilitated Introduction
In addition to a face-to-face consultation and personal introduction, Alex will arrange and join you at your introductory meeting and conduct a debrief with you to help you select the right wealth manager.


Find the best wealth manager for you

Giving you peace of mind that your financial wellbeing is in good hands. The Wealth Consultant makes it personal to you.

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