Offshore & International Investment

Open an offshore bank account and spot illegal activities

An off-shore account can conjure up all sorts of thoughts depicting illegal activity and dodgy deals.

However, the truth is off-shore accounts are 100% legal as long as the due tax is paid. Whether you wish to invest a lump sum or regular contribution, an off-shore account can offer the opportunity for greater growth prospects, reduced risk, and reduced personal liability. However, tax planning hinges on careful timing so it makes sense to seek professional advice. 

How we work

The Wealth Consultant offers independent professional guidance tailored to your requirements, goals and life-stage. We will connect you with a wealth manager who will help answer key questions, such as:

How do off-shore bank accounts work?

Is offshore investment legal?

How are offshore funds taxed? 

We understand that navigating the world of off-shore investments can be complicated and somewhat daunting for potential investors. The Wealth Consultant aims to cut the complexities and provide you with honest, reliable and timely information. 

Personalised off-shore and international investment advice

Investors often report a lack of trust in traditional financial services whom they feel do not fully embrace the opportunities presented by off-shore investment. With extensive experience in the wealth management sector, we act with integrity to bring you closer to wealth managers who have a thorough knowledge of off-shore investment, both internationally and on the Channel Islands. We will only connect you with wealth managers who will foster a professional trusting relationship with you which will inspire confidence and allow your off-shore finances to flourish. 

The time-consuming process of selecting a wealth manager can often leave investors feeling frustrated. We streamline that process by first, taking the time to learn about your current position and future plans. This enables us to connect you with industry-leading wealth managers who can manage your portfolio, as well as your expectations, and support you to achieve your overall objectives. 

How we work

Our transparent and client centric structured wealth management process offers you peace of mind knowing that we use specialist industry knowledge to find the perfect wealth manager for you, free of charge!

Answer 10 simple questions about your situation and requirements. This will take no longer than 3 mins.

The Wealth Consultant will call you within 24 hours to clarify your details and discuss your matched wealth managers with you.

The Wealth Consultant will introduce you to, and arrange a time for an initial call, in order to choose the right wealth manager for you.

Dedicated Wealth Manager for you

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