Changing Wealth Manager

If you feel dissatisfied with the service provided by your wealth manager or financial advisor for one reason or another, it may be time to consider a change

Delaying change could mean that you are missing out on valuable opportunities to get the very best out of your wealth planning and growth.

Making the change from one wealth manager to another is often mistaken as being a complicated process. When switching to a wealth manager introduced by The Wealth Consultant, that assumption couldn’t be any further from the truth.

We take care to ensure you experience a smooth transition when partnering with a wealth manager who has the specific expertise needed for the areas of wealth management that you require the most attention. From the word go, our wealth managers work with you to build a positive relationship that combines complete transparency, independent advice and support to facilitate a prosperous financial outlook.

Could it be time to change your wealth manager?

There are a number of reasons why clients just like you may wish to change their wealth manager or financial advisor. According to a study conducted by EY Wealth Management Research, the most common time for clients to make the change is during life events where there may be a move in money such as changes in job, starting a family, a new business venture, marriage, divorce or buying a house.

The research also identified six key components that clients believe to be important service attributes for a good relationship with their wealth manager. This includes pricing, personal attention, advisory capabilities, quality and reputation, technology and products, with one in five clients likely to switch to a different wealth manager if unsatisfied for one of these reasons.

If your wealth manager is not quite meeting your expectations, it may be time for a change. The Wealth Consultant can help you to find an independent wealth manager that delivers the advice that is tailored to your needs and ticks all of your service attribute boxes.

How we can help

It’s important to trust that the person whom you are investing your time and money, is going to support you and your finances in the best way that they can. But how can you find a wealth manager that does just that?

Here at The Wealth Consultant, we have established fantastic partnerships with some of the UK’s most reputable and trusted wealth managers and financial advisors. As part of our service to you, we make it our primary ambition to ensure that you are partnered with the right professional who can assist you in meeting your financial goals.

Whether it’s pension advice, retirement wealth management or tax planning, we can introduce you to a wealth manager who has the specific expertise to support your needs. Our service is designed to eliminate stress and reduce the time involved in searching for and changing to a new wealth manager.

How we work

Our transparent and client centric structured wealth management process offers you peace of mind knowing that we use specialist industry knowledge to find the perfect wealth manager for you, free of charge!

Answer 10 simple questions about your situation and requirements. This will take no longer than 3 mins.

The Wealth Consultant will call you within 24 hours to clarify your details and discuss your matched wealth managers with you.

The Wealth Consultant will introduce you to, and arrange a time for an initial call, in order to choose the right wealth manager for you.

Dedicated Wealth Manager for you

Time to stop searching. Let The Wealth Consultant do the hard work for you. Get in touch today for a free consultation and digital introduction to the most appropriate wealth manager for you.

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