Strategic Philanthropy Planning

Support a charitable cause and get income tax relief

It is a wonderful feeling to be in a position to financially support a charitable cause. As well as satisfying philanthropic urges, donating to charity can be an effective way to benefit from a range of tax reductions.

With legacy income accounting for £2.8 billion of UK donations last year, many people are already asking how they can contribute to the greater good while also availing of tax reductions.

How we can help

The Wealth Consultant offers independent advice tailored to your requirements, goals, and life-stage. We will connect you with a wealth manager who can answer questions, such as:

  • Which charities should I donate to?
  • How does giving money to charity reduce tax?
  • By donating to a charitable cause, can I cut the inheritance tax due on my estate?
  • Is there a limit on charitable donations for 2020? 

We understand that the rules around gift allowances can be overwhelming and lead to a feeling of confusion at times. The Wealth Consultant aims to cut the complexities and provide you with honest, reliable and timely information. 

Charity and fundraising consulting solutions

Clients often report a lack of trust in traditional financial services whom they feel offer little assistance to those wishing to engage in philanthropy. With extensive experience in the wealth management sector, we act with integrity to bring you closer to wealth managers who understand philanthropy and the tax benefits of giving to charity. We will only connect you with wealth managers who we believe you will forge a mutual trust-based relationship with. 

The time-consuming process of selecting a wealth manager can often leave investors feeling frustrated. We streamline that process by first, taking the time to learn about your current position and future plans. This enables us to connect you with industry-leading wealth managers who can manage your expectations and support you to achieve your overall objectives.