Private wealth protection services to help you avoid inheritance tax and achieve financial success

Many families would struggle financially following the death of a loved one. By considering wealth protection now, you can give your family one less thing to worry about after you’ve gone.

Even an accident or illness can result in a drastic change in fortune for those without wealth protection in place. Not only does this impact on lifestyle but families without wealth protection can be left in a heartbreaking situation of having to sell off the family home to settle an Inheritance Tax bill. 

How we can help

The Wealth Consultant offers independent advice tailored to your requirements, goals, and life-stage. We will connect you with a wealth manager who can answer key questions, such as:

  • What is the best way to protect my assets?
  • How do I protect my home after death?
  • What is the difference between level and decreasing term life insurance? 

We understand that while wealth protection is an essential component of financial success, insurance policies can be over-complicated and somewhat daunting for clients. The Wealth Consultant aims to cut the complexities and provide you with honest, reliable, and timely information. 

Wealth Protection & Financial Security Services

Clients often report a lack of trust in traditional financial services whom they feel often neglect to explore wealth protection. With extensive experience in the wealth management sector, we act with integrity to bring you closer to wealth managers who will professionally advise you on the best ways to protect your finances. We will only connect you with wealth managers who will foster a professional trusting relationship with you which will inspire confidence and peace of mind. 

The time-consuming process of selecting a wealth manager can often leave clients feeling frustrated. We streamline that process by first, taking the time to learn about your current situation and future plans. This enables us to connect you with industry-leading wealth managers who can manage your expectations and support you to achieve your overall objectives.